Short description of the track contents

The Toxicology and Drug Disposition track focuses specifically on drug toxicology and pharmacokinetics. Cell biology, physiology, pathology and pharmacology are the basis for this discipline.

This track builds on the pharmacokinetics, metabolism and toxicology learned in the Bachelor Pharmacy or the major Medical Pharmaceutical sciences in the bachelor LS&T. This track encompasses the interaction of toxic substances at the molecular level, as well as the formation of reactive, toxic metabolites and the amount of exposure of target tissues to these toxic substances. An advanced understanding of the pharmacokinetics and the associated toxic effects will be a crucial topic. Moreover it also includes the clinical outcome of toxicity such as reproductive toxicology, clinical toxicology and post-marketing surveillance. These principles are not only important for drugs, but also for other substances that are potentially toxic to humans or animals.

Within this area of Drug Disposition and Toxicology a choice can be made between a number of track-specific courses (master classes). The major and minor research projects are chosen from the different research groups within the University of Groningen and UMCG who perform research projects related to ADME-Tox, but there are also ample possibilities to perform the second research project at highly qualified universities or research institutes elsewhere in the Netherlands or abroad.

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