Requirements/basic knowledge

Holders of the following Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Groningen are considered to have sufficient knowledge and skills and will be admitted to the Master’s degree programme in Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences on that basis:

  • a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • a Bachelor’s degree in Life Science & Technology or Biology with one of the following majors:
    • Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences.
    • Biomedical Sciences including/plus courses receptorpharmacology and "geneesmiddel van target tot gebruik", or the minor pharmaceutical sciences.
    • Molecular life sciences including/plus minor Biomedical sciences/Behaviour and neurosciences (including courses receptorpharmacology and immunology), or the minor pharmaceutical sciences. Students who did not pass the above mentioned bachelor modules have to include these courses within the electives of the master programme.

Students from other universities will need to have followed a study programme similar to the above. These students are admitted on an individual bases at the discretion of the Admissions Board.

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